Songwriting lessons in Melbourne


Songwriting lessons at RMA

Songwriting is a specialty of the academy.
While songwriting can often be an elusive art. There are definite steps that can help you develop your craft.

We offer individual, one on one lessons in songwriting. This is often the best approach. As songwriting can be a vastly different process from one person to another. We approach our lessons to be as responsive to your own aims and aspects you would like to improve.

Our main goal in our songwriting lessons is to remove the mystery while keeping the magic intact.

Learning songwriting at the academy, you can take advantage of our many performance events throughout the year. You can perform in front of real audiences if you would like to improve performance skills. This is often an invaluable part of the process, discussion and feedback with your teacher in your lessons after performances can be very useful for your development.

Are you interested in starting songwriting lessons at the academy?