Are you interested in starting lessons at the academy?  

We recommend to come along for a single lesson. This is a great way to see if it is for you, before committing for further lessons. 

30 Minute lessons

An affordable option for weekly classes. 30 minute lessons keep you in touch and on track towards your goals. 

45 Minute Lessons

The ideal length for the perfect weekly session. 45 minute lessons allow time for all the elements of learning music.

60 Minute Lessons

The perfect length to get in depth tuition. Weekly 60 minute lessons are great for exam or audition preparation.


This week, you are welcome to have your first lesson at
half price, so take us up on this offer.
Use the Coupon code 'IM-NEW' if you are booking online.

Adrian and Simon

Lessons are open to anyone regardless of age and absolute beginners are very welcome.

You can start with an enquiry or book a lesson directly online. 
If you have any specific questions we will do our best to
get back to you same day. 

We are looking forwards to helping you learn to play music and we are sure you will love it.


If you want to jump straight in, you can book directly through the website right now

or if you want to have a chat with us first/ask a question before booking, we would love to hear from you

Some common questions (and answers too!)

Justin and jack

Justin and jack