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Our goal is to be the leading location to learn songwriting in Melbourne.

Songwriting is a specialty of the academy and we are serious about that. We are passionate about helping you develop your own
unique voice as a songwriter.
While songwriting can often be an elusive art. There are definite steps that can help you develop your craft.

We offer individual, one on one lessons in songwriting. This is often the best approach. As songwriting can be a vastly different process from one person to another. We approach our lessons to be as responsive to your own aims and aspects you would like to improve.

Our main goal in our songwriting lessons is to remove the mystery while keeping the magic intact.

Learning songwriting at the academy, you can take advantage of our many performance events throughout the year. You can perform in front of real audiences if you would like to improve performance skills. This is often an invaluable part of the process, discussion and feedback with your teacher in your lessons after performances can be very useful for your development.

One on one songwriting lessons can completely change the course of your own creative practice, in a way that group lessons often fail to do.

Are you interested in starting songwriting lessons at the academy?

When I first started with Adrian I was too embarrassed to sing in front of him and the thought of writing my own songs didn’t even enter my realm of possibility. Not only has he given me the technical skills to become a musician but he showed me that with the right guidance anyone can learn to write their own songs. He also taught me that performing is not just about being able to play the guitar or singing a tune, it’s about song dynamics and keeping the listener engaged. Proud to say that I’m now writing my own songs and performing them to strangers at open mics, all thanks to Adrian. He is a fantastic music teacher from guitar to songwriting to performing on stage. Oh and he’s a great bloke too.
— Tom
His guidance in this process with me has been invaluable.
— Julia
My songwriting lessons with Adrian have provided me with the necessary creative release from a high pressured job. Adrian creates a supportive and non-judgemental space in which I have been able to create many of my own songs. Adrian has a myriad of tools to encourage creative expression but is also mindful not to let process or system effect my individual way of making music.
— Joe S

About our songwriting teacher, Adrian


Adrian Burruto

Senior songwriting teacher

Adrian Burruto has made it his mission to find a clear and wholistic approach to masterful songwriting.

He is Melbourne songwriter and sound artist who has released music as a solo artist (under the moniker Yokey) and collaboratively with his band Sunk Junk. Adrian's solo singer/songwriter projects have been primarily rooted in the tradition of folk music and inspired by multiple artists such as Jeff Buckley, Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), The Beatles and Nick Drake. With a focus on thought provoking lyrics, finger style guitar work and story telling.

Sunk Junk on the other hand is a much more eclectic affair and nowadays the main creative outlet for Adrian. Combining elements of electronic music, hip hop, noise and impressionism, whilst maintaining at the core traditional songwriting conventions.

Both of these acts have received support from 3RRR, PBS FM, Triple J and by the Melbourne community at large. 

Equipped with a thorough understanding of how songwriting works and a framework to see music through, Adrian teaches his students to see music from many perspectives, increasing overall artistic appreciation and awareness. Combining these ideas with guitar skills, technique, repertoire and musical theory the result is a well-rounded student. The main objective of Adrian’s teaching style is to empower the student with tools that will allow them to express themselves through the guitar and ultimately show them fundamentally what it is to be an musician.