We care about music and we care about helping you achieve what you have set out to do: Learn to play music yourself.

You may have doubts about your own ability to pick up music, perhaps you feel you are too old to learn? Trust us, this is never true. Perhaps you think you should have started years ago? Now is a great time.

Over the years at the Academy, we have seen countless students start from scratch and achieve what they wanted to do with music.

Everyone comes to music with a different intention. For some it is just to be able to play a few tunes for themselves or friends, while some come with a desire to delve as deep into the process as possible. Both are great desires as far as we are concerned: We are here to help you make music a part of your life, whatever that means for you.

We are a tight connected group of teachers at RMA. Skilled teachers and also great people. We aim to create a committed, focused and supportive atmosphere without it being stern or stuffy. We like music, all music, the kind of music you like too. Radiohead is on par with Rachmaninov as far as we are concerned.   

One on one, individual lessons are our main offering at RMA. This is the best way to tailor the lessons to your own development and get feedback as you learn. In addition to lessons we host many events throughout the year, which can be a great motivation to practice and a goal to work towards. Over the years a very supportive community has developed at RMA, our concerts have become great social events!


7 days a week, all day and after hours till 10pm, we teach music. 
From Contemporary(Rock, folk, pop: Anything you enjoy) to Jazz, blues and Classical.
You can lean to play guitar, piano, singing, drum kit, bass and music production.
Individual, one on one lessons are our main offering.

For students that want to perform, we have events all year to build your skills as a performer.

We have a MONTHLY OPEN MIC NIGHT. Held at Dizzy's Jazz Club, which is always a night of great people and great times. Anyone is welcome to play. Whether you want to show off the first tune you have ever learned (perhaps accompanied with a little healthy anxiety) or to premiere something you have been learning and working on for months. Maybe even a song you wrote yourself.

For the classically inclined we host a CLASSICAL CONCERT several times each year. All adult students of RMA are welcome to play, especially beginners! It's a great challenge and perfect thing to work towards if you would like to step up to the plate!


Creating music is something that everyone can cultivate. Making your own music is an important part of learning an instrument. If this is something you want to work on, we are passionate about providing the support and guidance in your own journey. Songwriting and composition are a specialty at the school. Our RMA ORIGINALS CONCERT is a complete concert of music written by students.

Our annual concert is always an event, a very special night which is a great way to celebrate what RMA is about. It is filled with students sharing the music they have worked on throughout the year in a great environment filled with the whole RMA community.

As a school, we teach all ages from adults to younger years. We have many young students learning with us from ages 4 and up!
Our RMA JNR concerts are a great supportive challenge!


CHOIR3121 is Richmond's own local choir! Total beginners are welcome, no experience necessary.

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