Richmond Music Academy

We offer one on one lessons for singing students of all ages and levels in: jazz, blues, pop and classical. 

Lessons provide students with a comprehensive learning experience that helps them develop their full musical potential. 

Singing lessons are often a multi-layered experience and many students will have multiple reasons for learning. we have tailored our program to include the many different paths which brings people to come for singing lessons.

Whether it is to learn technique, improve your voice generally, develop confidence, perform live or just to improve your natural singing voice, we offer a friendly, focused and relaxed environment for one on one singing lessons. 

Depending on your goals, you can use lessons as a personal hobby or perform at our many events held throughout the year. There is no pressure to perform, ever. But... if performing is something you would like to work towards, there are many opportunities to get in front of a (supportive) audience!

You can focus on what you most enjoy in the lessons
or decide what you are interested in as your playing develops.

If you want to specifically focus on a particular style
We offer three streams In our Singing Lessons:

Contemporary(Rock, Pop, R&B), Classical  
or  Jazz/Blues

Interested in starting singing lessons?