We are a tight connected group of teachers at RMA. 
Skilled teachers, accomplished musicians and also great people. 

Adrian Burruto

Guitar and songwriting teacher

Adrian Burruto is an active Melbourne songwriter and sound artist who has released music as a solo artist (under the moniker Yokey) and collaboratively with his band Sunk Junk. Adrian's solo singer/songwriter projects have been primarily rooted in the tradition of folk music and inspired by multiple artists such as Jeff Buckley, Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), The Beatles and Nick Drake. With a focus on thought provoking lyrics, finger style guitar work and story telling.

Sunk Junk on the other hand is a much more eclectic affair and nowadays the main creative outlet for Adrian. Combining elements of electronic music, hip hop, noise and impressionism, whilst maintaining at the core traditional songwriting conventions.

Both of these acts have received support from 3RRR, PBS FM, Triple J and by the Melbourne community at large. 

Equipped with a thorough understanding of how songwriting works and a framework to see music through, Adrian teaches his students to see music from many perspectives, increasing overall artistic appreciation and awareness. Combining these ideas with guitar skills, technique, repertoire and musical theory the result is a well-rounded student. The main objective of Adrian’s teaching style is to empower the student with tools that will allow them to express themselves through the guitar and ultimately show them fundamentally what it is to be an musician.

Piano teacher
Piano Teacher

Kade Brown

Piano Teacher

Kade Brown is an up-and-coming jazz pianist from the far south coast of NSW now based in Melbourne, and is a well-seasoned performer with two albums recorded over the last few years and another one due later this year.

He has twice been selected as a participant, and once as mentor, for the Juilliard Winter Jazz School. Has studied classical piano for nine years with Professor Bill Hawkey, former Director of the ANU School of Music. In 2014 he was awarded a scholarship in jazz piano studies at Monash University. In 2017 Kade was winner of the The Zavod Classical-Jazz Fusion Performers Award.

Jack Palmer

Guitar Teacher

Jack is a performer, composer, artist and teacher; he has a bachelor of music majoring in jazz guitar from ANU and has performed music in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra as well as regional centres in Victoria and New South Wales. He teaches guitar at Richmond Music Academy.

Jack is committed to his student’s personal journey in the musical landscape, be it a serious artistic endeavour or simply as an enjoyable past time. Jack always encourages creativity and individuality in the process of learning and gives space for each student to explore their musical interests and pursue their own unique musical potential.

His lessons span topics such as guitar technique, improvisation, lead and rhythm playing, composition, music theory, aural development and rhythmic development.  Jack works with music from any contemporary genre and has a particular passion for teaching improvisation, jazz, blues and harmony in which he includes specific practical instruction and relevant music theory. Jack is also able to prepare students for examinations and auditions for tertiary music institutions.

Ultimately Jack see’s the musical journey in equanimity from beginner to advanced stages. His priority is for students to find what they are looking for in music lessons and to then see more. He is always encouraging, engaging and creative in his approach to teaching and sharing music with others.

Russell possesses a glorious tone and touch at the keyboard as well as a formidable knowledge and grasp of a diverse repertoire”
— Dr Tony Gould (AM)

Russell Tay

Piano Teacher

Russell is a Melbourne-based pianist who is well-versed in a variety of musical styles. As an artist Russell was classically trained from childhood, he holds a Bachelor of Music with first class honours in Jazz Piano Performance from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music (Monash University), where he also received an Honours Merit Scholarship and claimed the prize for the best overall graduate.  Russell has performed with prominent artists in venues and festivals both local and abroad and is active as an accompanist, session musician and composer.  

As a teacher, Russell adopts a demonstrative, hands-on approach that is specifically tailored to the desires and needs of each student.  He believes that a solid technical and theoretical foundation will provide one with the facility to confidently express their artistic ideas.  Most of all, students are encouraged to have fun in the process of understanding and making music.  

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Angus Killick

Piano Teacher

Angus is a highly sought-after educator and provides a premium quality musical education centred on mastery of the piano. After majoring in piano through the Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Melbourne, and with a total 17 years of musical training, he has perfected the art of transferring a rounded musical education and a love of all music to his pupils.


Jenna Stamp

Vocalist and singing Teacher


With over 16 years of performing experience and wealth of vocal knowledge. Jenna is a sought-after vocal coach, who has an engaging personality and encouraging spirit. She offers a thorough knowledge of voice mechanics, breathing and phrasing and her approach is performance focused with the aim to build students technical skill and confidence. Jenna believes in the importance of story telling, musicality, rhythm and freedom of vocal expression.

Jenna has taken extensive private study in jazz attending a workshop with jazz legend Chick Corea in Massachusetts, and with Australian jazz performer Michelle Nicole. Her classical training includes extensive training with Kate Sadler, Beverly Peart and workshops with Jo Estill, Founder of the Estill Voice method. She has studied Jazz and performance at Monash University and  has also completed a diploma in Music Tuition at MWT.

Jenna performs regularly on the jazz scene with her group Jenna and the Band Stripped Bass. She is always looking for ways to extend her practice with new contexts and collaborators including spoken word/ music performance of Léa Godard’s work, Women Versus Nature, for boutique French/ Australian publishing house EMUE, performing guest vocals with rock bands such as EVOLETAH and Katie Underwood and fronting popular original indie band Monté in Adelaide from 1996- 2003. Jenna is an in demand singing teacher and vocal coach.

Singing Teacher Melbourne

Nitida Atkinson

Singing Teacher

Nitida is a melbourne based vocalist, composer and teacher. She graduated from of the Victorian College Of The Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Music. During her time at the VCA she studied under leading Australian musicians; Michelle Nicolle, Pip Grummet and Gian Slater. In 2015 Nitida undertook a mentorship in New Orleans learning from legendary members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

With over 10 years experience in the music industry, Nitida is a well equipped teacher for all ages and levels. She has performed both nationally and internationally as a professional singer, backing vocalist, composer, guitarist, recording artist, singing teacher, choir conductor and band leader.

Nitida is a busy working musician, playing regularly in many projects spanning genres Pop, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Hip hop, etc.

Nitida is passionate about making the enjoyment and pleasure that singing brings available to all people by breaking down the barriers that often stop people from doing so.

Adrian Madigan

Guitar Teacher

Adrian Madigan is a guitar teacher, multi-instrumentalist and composer of over 15 years. With an ever-growing range of musical and educational experiences and Bachelor of Education, Adrian puts emphasis on getting to know his students as they get to know music.

Adrian considers music an incredible resource, both as a means for self-expression, and a contribution through which we can better understand the people and the world around us. This philosophical approach equates to an inquisitive and passionate guitar teacher.

Adrian provides individualised and engaging lessons. Ensuring that students are learning in the direction that they aim to, introducing valuable musical ideas along the way that aid in producing a confident and comfortable guitar player.

Alex Roper


Alex been playing drums for 15 years and has a bachelor of music (majoring in drum kit) from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has been in bands across many genres and is an active performer in the live music scene in Melbourne.

 Alex's passion is for performing and sharing the valuable information she has received over her years of training, with others.

To Alex, what makes an excellent drummer is the ability to maintain a steady tempo, being able to play a strong and fluent groove and having the ability to listen to people when playing in a group. Her teaching aims to provide students with a solid and broad basis to develop these and any specific skills a student wishes to learn, while creating an encouraging environment to learn in.

Her lessons cover material anywhere from technique, music reading, to playing rock beats and jazz solos. Alex is also passionate about encouraging all women and girls who are interested in learning the drums, to do so.

Drum teacher

Rama Parwata

Drum Teacher

Rama Parwata is an in-demand drummer of over a decades experience behind the drum kit as a performer and an educator.

Rama has been involved in many different and diverse musical projects including Afro-Manding band Afro-Occidental, New-Orleans inspired outfit Copperhead Brass Band, and most recently internationally acclaimed metal outfit Whitehorse, and many more. He is also heavily involved with Melbourne’s experimental improvised music scene having collaborated with prolific artists such as Sean Baxter, Adam Simmons, Tim Pledger and Stephen Magnusson.

Rama is graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Contemporary Music, in Jazz and Improvisation. Whilst at the VCA, he studied under the likes of Graham Morgan, Ren Walters, Rob Vincs and more. 


Matt Hood

Guitar Teacher

Matt is an avid guitarist and a keen teacher, whose musical interests range from rock to classical, jazz to fingerstyle. With over fifteen years spent playing, and a Bachelor of Music majoring in Contemporary Guitar from the University of Melbourne, he is well equipped to help anybody purse whichever style of music catches their ear. 

Playing electric guitar in a progressive rock band, acoustic in a Brazilian guitar quartet, as well as performing extensive solo work has taught Matt that at the end of the day, good music is just good technique and good taste. His goal is to arm his students with the fundamental skills of guitar and musicianship, such that any kind of music will approachable and accessible.


Maryanne Dihayco

Vocalist and singing teacher

Maryanne Smart is a contemporary vocalist, educator and choir director with a degree in Music from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). She is the composer and director of Taos, a nine piece contemporary vocal ensemble. Their debut recording 'Free Fall' has been hailed "An Extraordinary all vocal album".

Maryanne is a qualified and professional vocal coach. She is well versed in a range of contemporary styles with a focus on confidence, creativity and developing technical ability.

Music Production lessons.jpg
Everything is dictated by the song. I love to work with songs that have a genuine message or idea. I base almost every production and arrangement decision on what the song is trying to say and what emotion its trying convey at that point, i think thats what people really connect with.
I love pop music and making records that really connect with people on an emotional level, but at the same time i get tired of monotony very easily so Im constantly searching for new and exciting ways of delivering music that people will love, in a way they’ve never heard.

Levi Dowsett

Music Production and Recording Teacher

At age 28 Levi Dowsett has already performed at some of Australia's biggest venues including The Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Melbourne's iconic St Kilda Festival and has received critical acclaim from industry greats including Simon Raymond (Bella Union, UK) and Sebastian Chase (MGM) and Julian Mendelsohn. Levi has performed solo and in groups weekly for the past ten years throughout Melbourne's late night music scene and released on some of Australia's premier independent labels. 

Only speeding up Levi is currently producing and remixing under the name Friends In Common while also being one half of the Australian Art Pop duo Kings and Commoners. The emerging act has seen great success in the past year and already having music performed at the 5th IMC World Music Forum in Brisbane and at Woodford Folk Festival in collaboration with Deep Blue Orchestra and has an Ep scheduled for release .

Levi has developed a sound and style of his own combined of his influences of Jazz, Pop, Electronic Music, Art Rock, Folk, Minimalism and Music Concréte. Levi blends these influences to create unique Artistic Pop Music. Growing up performing Folk, Rock and Blues Levi has always valued the power of Music that has something to say.

Making the transition to the studio after a chance early encounter with Ableton Live Levi developed a love for the manipulation of sound through new and old techniques. Embracing tape machines and vintage recording equipment along with cutting edge digital techniques Levi is constantly using contrast to create new exciting music.

Levi is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and is teaching Music Technology, Production, Audio Engineering and Sound design for film, Tv and Video games at Richmond Music Academy. Levi holds a Bachelor of Applied Music and a Master of Fine Arts.

Joshua Miles

Head of Early Childhood Programs

Joshua is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, with a Bachelors of Early Childhood Education. Currently Josh works as a teacher and team leader at Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten, Richmond. Joshua began playing music from a very early age. He gained a lifelong passion for music which continues to define his teaching philosophy.


As an educator, Joshua recognises the benefits children gain from an inclusive musical program. In partnership with Richmond Music Academy, Joshua is in charge of developing and supervising our early years music program for schools, kindergarten and instrumental lessons. Using his experience as a teacher and musician Joshua provides guidance and support to Richmond Music Academy's early years music lessons and holiday workshops. 

Sonny Igusti

Electric and upright bass teacher


Sonny Igusti is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Music Performance. He has also completed an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music Performance at NMIT.

 During his Time at The VCA and NMIT, Sonny has studied under; David Jones, Andrea Keller, Christopher Hale, Craig Newman, Alex Pertout, Anita Hustas & Frank Di Sario, among others. He currently works as a session bassist in Contemporary and Jazz music settings around Australia.

Lessons with Sonny will ensure your time is spent efficiently with tailored lessons focusing on what you want to learn. All levels of students are welcome to study areas such as: Music theory, Technique, Aural Training, Sight Reading, Chart writing & Composition, whatever it is you’re interested in.
Sonny can give you the guidance you need to progress as a musician while making sure to retain what you love about music and what truly inspires you.

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Huw Charles-Walsh

Drum Teacher

Huw is a drummer, singer and educator and a graduate in contemporary music at the Victorian College of the Arts. He is active in the Melbourne music scene, which has involved writing and performing his own music based off improvisation and sonic textures on the drums.

He is also a member of the contemporary vocal group Invenio, which has performed at such venues as the Melbourne Recital Centre and the Arts Centre Melbourne and collaborated with prominent Australian artists, including Lior and Barney Mcall. 

Huw’s lessons are always fun and energetic. His teaching focuses on providing for his students tools to develop a rounded knowledge of rhythm and drumming technique, the ability to make musical decisions, and the confidence to find their own unique voice on the drums. 

Michael Avery


Michael Avery, is a graduate of Melbourne University and The Victorian College of the arts where he majored in classical guitar. He has a broad interest in music from contemporary to classical. He has played in a variety of bands including Melbourne's own 'World's End Press'. As a teacher, he specialises in classical guitar.

Creating a great atmosphere for students and teachers and a supportive environment for teaching and learning music has been the primary goal for the academy from day one. Many years later, it is heartwarming to see how the school has flourished and a strong community has developed around this core principles of the school.

As an Alexander Technique teacher Michael is very active in the performing arts world. He has lectured and run workshops at the The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Ballarat University and 16th Street Actors studio. As an Alexander Technique teacher, he is known for his refined observation skills, clarity of communication and unique, simple approach.