This week, first lessons at the school are half price

Singing Lessons

We offer one on one lessons for singing students of all ages and levels in  jazz, blues, pop and classical. 

Piano Lessons

Piano is a very accessible instrument and learning is a very interesting and engaging process. 

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons have great range, thanks to the  set of teachers we have at the Academy.


These lessons will help expand students musical options and give them more scope to express their musical ideas

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are fun and diverse as tuition covers a wide variety of skills and techniques

Bass Lessons

We offer one on one lessons for bass students of all ages and levels, on electric and upright bass

Music Technology and Production

The Richmond Music Academy offers one on one lessons in areas of Music Technology and Production via our in house production school 'Chart Roller Tuition'. 

We teach Music and Sound Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design for Film, Tv and Video Games using Pro Tools, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Native Instruments, Maschine and many third party plug-ins.

We teach all levels from beginner through to advanced in our sound treated rooms:

  • How to record yourself or your band.

  • How to make music using your computer and Midi instruments (Keyboards, Drum Pads).

  • How to master software instruments including VST's, AU's and AAX/RTAS

  • How to make your recordings or own songs sound like whats on the radio (using your own equipment).

With years of experience as a producer and artist, we are privileged to have Levi Dowsett as our in house production teacher.



Gift Vouchers

Perhaps you know someone who has always wanted to learn music lessons Melbourne but for some reason never took the plunge?

Music lessons can be a fantastic gift for a partner, friend or family member. Tailor made gift certificates for Piano, Guitar, Singing and more can be made on request.

Pre-Instrumental Lessons

Specifically tailored for children's first steps in music. Collaborating with experienced music teachers we have identified the common elements of musical knowledge and experience which give children the best possible start in music.

Combining movement, singing and concrete materials. The lessons are a fun and interactive way to discover rhythm and notation.

Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique is simply a must for any musician, professional or enthusiast. 

Learning fundamental principles of how to sit, stand and play gives a freedom and ease which will make time at your instrument more productive and sustainable as you develop as a musician.

Music Lessons for Kids

Our Junior lessons for kindergarten, primary and secondary school ages are some of the best in Melbourne.

We offer high quality, focused classical guitar lessons
with the best of modern and older methodologies. 



We offer Violin lessons for all ages and styles.

Spanish Guitar Lessons


Spanish guitar, a fingerstyle way of playing guitar, has a special place is people's hearts. Learn to play it yourself.


Music Lessons Melbourne

If you looking to start music lessons in Melbourne, call us today.