Beginner Drum Lessons in Melbourne





Beginner Drum Lessons

It's totally fine to start from step one!
We love absolute beginners, you are welcome to start at any level.
Day one, first time beginners are great!
We all have to start somewhere.

We focus on learning songs of your own favourite artists/bands

Popular Music of the last 50+ years, to today (and Tomorrow)
Including, but not limited to:

Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, Blues, Folk, Classic Rock, Indie, Country, Blues
Gospel, Hard Rock, Pop, Krautrock, Punk, Reggae

Learn techniques such as: 
Sticking/hand technique
Essential grooves and staples of Rock, Latin, Funk.
Developing good time and feel
Skills for playing with other musicians
Reading/Transcription methods

We offer one on one drum lessons for students of all ages and levels, complete beginners are welcome.

We are a small, connected and skilled group of teachers at Richmond Music Academy. 
Friendly and happy to help you learn whatever brings you for lessons, from day one.

Drumkit is a very accessible instrument and learning is a very interesting and engaging process. You can start at any age, for any reason. We're sure you'll love it. 

Drum lessons are fun and diverse as students will learn a wide variety of skills including rhythm, groove, rudiments, musicality, creativity and music theory.

Music genres covered include pop, rock, funk, soul, hip hop, R&B and electronica.
The main aim is for students to become great musicians and great drummers.
We work across the board with jazz, blues, modern styles. Preparation for AMEB grade and diploma exams are available.

Perfect for absolute beginners, and for drummers wanting to take their skills to the next level.

You can focus on what you most enjoy in the lessons
or decide what you are interested in as your playing develops.

If you want to specifically focus on a particular style
We Offer two Streams In Our drum Lessons:

Contemporary(Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, Blues)  
or  Jazz

What would you most like to learn?
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Have been learning Drums at RMA for several months now, Alex is an awesome Drum teacher, willing to adapt lessons to include your interests as well as make sure your learning the fundamentals.
— G Kennedy
I’ve never played before, and at the age of 39 I thought I would give it a shot! I was a little worried it might be a bit too much for me but I’ve really come a long way in a few months. Very happy so far and keen to see how things develop. Rama is great.
— A Gamboni

Are you interested in starting drum lessons at Richmond Music Academy?