Beginner Piano Lessons in Melbourne

If you are just getting started on piano, or have never even played a single note before, this is totally fine!
A vast set of students at the school start as complete beginners with no previous experience with music.

Everyone has to start somewhere and age is no limitation.

From the very beginning we will help you get a sense of playing piano and understanding how music works in a step by step way.

As things progress you may find you take a liking to classical, jazz, blues or modern music. We really try to make sure you are playing music that you personally enjoy, even in the early stages.

We offer one on one piano lessons for students of all ages and levels, complete beginners are welcome.

We are a small, connected and skilled group of teachers at Richmond Music Academy. 
Friendly and happy to help you learn whatever brings you for lessons, from day one.

We work across the board with jazz, blues, modern and classical styles. Preparation for AMEB grade and diploma exams are available.

Piano is a very accessible instrument and learning is a very interesting and engaging process. You can start at any age, for any reason. We're sure you'll love it.

You can focus on what you most enjoy in the lessons
or decide what you are interested in as your playing develops.

If you want to specifically focus on a particular style
We Offer Three Streams In Our Piano Lessons:

Modern    Jazz    Classical

What would you most like to learn?
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I have been a student at the Richmond Music Academy for over 12 months now and always look forward to my weekly lesson.

I have been fortunate to meet a number of the teachers at the Academy who are all very kind and welcoming. Recently, RMA hosted a recital at a local jazz bar for all the students that wanted to participate. It was a fantastic night and very well organised. Each student that took part played a piece which was followed by a warm applause from the very kind audience of mostly friends and family of each of the students. This was my first ever recital and I can’t wait for the next event which is scheduled for 2014. I have attended a number of music schools and have never come across a more personal, welcoming and humble school than the Richmond Music Academy. I highly recommend this school for any student, intro or advanced as they have a wide range of teachers to meet every level.
— Thea Fitzhardinge
My lessons at the Academy are something I look forward to it. They’re pitched at my personal needs and development, the teachers are great and they provide an environment where I feel encouraged to learn. Just as importantly, they’re fun and that really helps to keep me motivated.
— Jez Halstead
I look forwards to my lessons every week! Great atmosphere, I get the sense everyone at RMA really ‘cares’ about teaching and helping people learn. Great bunch
— Jeremy T.D
I currently learn jazz piano at Richmond Music Academy. I’ve had other teachers before, and stuck with my teacher because he’s a great communicator, and ‘gets’ me as a student. He goes above and beyond most other teachers. He invests in his students a great deal. Over the course of my tuition, I’ve gotten to know him really well. He’s not just my piano teacher, he’s an all-round nice guy I enjoy talking to.
You’re in good hands with Richmond Music Academy!
— Will Stanton
My son 13 years has been a piano student for over 2 years at Richmond Music Academy. My son was new to piano when he started, and Dan has done a truly excellent job in getting him started, engaging him, maintaining his commitment and enjoyment of learning piano over this time. This is particularly admirable given that my son who loves a challenge, resisted learning piano via more traditional graded music texts. So over two years my son has selected for Dan and successfully learnt to play a series of varied and sometimes quite complex musical pieces taken from gaming music; while seamlessly learning and integrating musical theory and technique along the way. Dan’s philosophy as a teacher is to facilitate an enduring love of playing music, that will outlive learning focused solely on passing music exams. While Dan is a very accomplished performance pianist who plays in a variety of styles including jazz, Latin and classical, he is most importantly for us a great teacher; even tempered, personable, intuitive, fun, very knowledgeable, and flexible and creative in his approach to teaching music. I would highly recommend Dan as a piano teacher for any other young person who needs an inspiring teacher who can understand them and how they might best learn, and understands the old adage that one approach does not necessarily suit all.
— Diane G


Classical Piano

Learn Music of the last four centuries:
From early music, to classical and contemporary

We offer one of the best places to learn classical piano in Melbourne

Absolute beginner to advanced levels welcome
Early ages to adults at any age

AMEB Exam tuition - Preliminary to 8th grade to Diploma

We offer a comprehensive learning in our lessons including:
Practical theory, rhythm and harmony
So you can understand what you play in a constructive way



Modern Piano

Popular Music of the last 50+ years, to today (and Tomorrow)
Including, but not limited to:

Rock, Alternative, Folk, Classic Rock, Indie, Country, Blues
Gospel, Hard Rock, Pop, Krautrock, Punk, Reggae

We focus on learning songs of your own favourite artists/bands

Learn techniques such as: 
Good hand technique/position
Popular chord voicings
accompaniment styles
Left hand Bass-lines
'Blues Licks' and 'Riffs'
Transcription and transposition methods



Jazz Piano

Based around fundamentals of
Melody, Harmony and Improvisation

Learn to read and decipher chord charts

Basic to advanced scale substitutions and associated chords

Develop your improvisation skills
and ability to 'solo' over jazz harmony

Any level of experience, even beginners, welcome
although may attract pianists with prior experience



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