Piano Scholarship


Richmond Music Academy is offering a new scholarship for younger students of piano covering two terms tuition of weekly lessons. This is a great opportunity for promising piano students to receive guidance, support and further develop their skills. This scholarship is open to students of Richmond Music Academy and to the public.

Candidates should

- Be aged between 6 and 12 years at the time of application

- Apply before the 20th of September to be eligible 

- Write (or have a parent or guardian write) a short paragraph which should include the following information:

1. Why they think they should receive a scholarship 

2. How long they have been learning 

3. Why they are interested in music

4. What pieces they have played

5. What their musical goals are

-Be available (with parent or guardian) for an interview with the scholarship panel

The scholarship will go to the candidate judged most worthy from the applicants and will be judged by the Scholarship panel. The panel includes Michael Avery (Director, Richmond Music Academy) and Joshua Miles (Head of early childhood, Richmond Music Academy).

Applications are now open and can be mailed to: info@richmondmusicacademy.com.au