Pop Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Popular Music of the last 50+ years, to today (and tomorrow)
Including, but not limited to:

Rock, Alternative, Folk, Classic Rock, Indie, Country, Blues
Gospel, Hard Rock, Pop, Krautrock, Punk, Reggae

We focus on learning songs of your own favourite artists/bands

Learn techniques such as: 
Using a pick/plectrum
Chords and Strumming

We offer a complete learning in our lessons including:
Practical theory, rhythm and harmony
So you can understand what you play in a constructive way

Most importantly, absolute beginners are very welcome, we have many happy students starting at every age

Our guitar lessons have great range, thanks to the set of teachers we have at the Academy:

Lessons are available from first steps to advanced levels. We take alot of care to help you learn music you listen to and connect with, whatever style that may be: From Indie to Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical.

We also help aspiring songwriters with their own journey and writing process

I dug out the guitar I bought 40 years ago, dusted it off, restrung it and found my “Book 1 – Beginner”. “I remember what to do! This will be easy! I don’t need lessons!” Guess what – I found out there is a bit more to this, to say the least. So I decided to commit to RMA and with my teacher’s care and expert guidance, I am feeling like I actually have proper musical ability, which is improving each week.
In addition, I am tapping into the genres I love, thereby making the experiences more enjoyable.
I thoroughly recommend RMA as a relaxing learning place for aspiring musicians and artists.
— Bernard Barton, Accountant (Happily Retired!)
Richmond Music Academy is amazing! I set a goal of learning to play the guitar and sing in 3 months, so I could play a song for my wife at our wedding - a seemingly impossible task. I couldn’t have done it without you guys; it was always encouraging and I had a great teacher - he made it possible and we had heaps of fun along the way!
— John Cooper

Are you interested in starting pop guitar lessons?

What style of guitar do you want to learn?

We offer three streams in our guitar lessons:

Modern    Jazz    Classical



Jazz Guitar

Based around fundamentals of 
Melody, Harmony and Improvisation

Learn to read and decipher chord charts

Basic to advanced scale substitutions and associated chords

Develop your improvisation skills 
and ability to 'solo' over jazz harmony

Any level of experience, even beginners, welcome
although may attract guitarists with prior experience

Learn Music of the last eight centuries:
From early music, to classical and contemporary

We offer one of the best places to learn classical guitar in Melbourne

Absolute beginner to advanced levels welcome

AMEB Exam tuition - Preliminary to 8th Grade

Methodology includes the best of old and new classical guitar technique 

Are you interested in starting guitar lessons?